5 Signs You May Be a Pure Romantic

5 Signs You May Be a Pure Romantic

5 Signs You May Be a Pure Romantic

What is Kibbe?

There are 13 body types according to the Kibbe analysis. They are based on your overall proportions, bone structure, body flesh, and features. Sometimes referred to as style essences, they differ from the traditional "body types" as they aim to understand your overall unique and natural beauty. The goal is to learn about your beauty so you can dress in a way that highlights it and creates a harmonious image around it.

5 signs you may be a pure romantic: 

1. You are under 5'5"

2. Your body is voluptuous, soft and curvy with an hourglass shape.

3. Your facial features are lush, full, and sensual. 

4. You have shorter arms and legs.

4. You look best in light, draping fabrics with some waist definition.


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